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Surfing at Summer's End

Part music video, part documentary, a story emerges through the combination of interviews, music and vintage surf images from the 1960's and 1970's. These films, photos and discussions represent diverse locations in the U.S. and abroad; including Barbados, Costa Rica, Eleuthera, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Tobago and Tortola as well as California, The Carolinas, Delaware, Florida, Maryland New England, New Jersey and Virginia.
This film does not claim to be a surfing history lesson. Instead, it discusses how surfing became a life changing experience for so many people. Surfers interviewed in this movie include Dick Catri, Butch Childers, April Grover, Dave Grover, Linda Baron Grover, Roxie Houston Brown, Skill Johnson, Cecil Lear, George Miller, Mimi Munro, Jerry Powell, Buddy Riggs, Pete Smith, David Stone, Mary Strudwick Wagstaff, and Bill Wise.
The main movie, Surfing At Summer's End consist of 12 scenes including the closing credits (runtime 75 minutes). Each scene is dedicated to some aspect of life experiences from a surfer's point of view. Additionally, there is a bonus menu with four additional movies which give more information from some of the people interviewed for the main movie (runtime 30 Minutes).

The scenes in Surfing At Summer's End were inspired totally by a passion for surfing, a love for music and a desire to connect with other people who share similar interests.

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